NC-1C Lohia Nagar, Kankarbagh,
patna - 800020

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The emergency ward is a predominant part of any hospital that runs for 24*7*365. Sri Ram hospital provides the best and instant medical service to the patients in its emergency ward. The doctors take action quick necessary action towards the patients who are in the critical stage. We provide you comprehensive healthcare services and achieved the status of being a top-ranked emergency hospital in Patna. We have a team of proficient Doctors who works both day and night in shifts and attend to the emergency patients personally.

Our emergency healthcare services provides the facility of well-maintained room with automatic bed, ICU, Trauma enhance with the latest technology and have the advance equipment. In the emergency ward of Sri Ram hospital we have Modular Operation, Hospital also offers the special treatment by internal medicine, Laparoscopic surgery, Renal Transplant, Spinal (OPD) Dialysis, Neurosurgery, Andrology and Urology, Cardio Pulmonary Surgery (Cath Lab) and so on.

Facilities of Emergency ward/ Emergency Hospital

We have one of the best Emergency hospital in Kankarbagh, where doctors are available for full day service and they behave very generously with the patients and with their companions too. Our hospital has its own blood bank that if it’s needed patients should not have to be panic for it and can be easily available. The Intensive Care Unit (ICUs) of Sri Ram Hospital is furnished with the latest patients monitoring system. We have well trained intensivist available in the ICUs to take care of the critically ill patients. One attendant of each patient is allowed to be in the lobby. We ensure to manage the test results of laboratory and imagining without delay for the quick diagnosis and also for the treatment done rapidly.

This area is mainly dedicated to organize for providing a high standard care for those who need urgent care. The main aim of our emergency department is to treat and diagnose the urgent and acute injuries and illnesses. Our staffs are available for 24*7 emergency services.

Best Emergency Ward in Patna

We have wide range of doctors available for the emergency department in which anyone can find the specialist of every department under one roof. Here one can find 24 hours emergency service and can also get the team of well qualified doctors who are super active to attend the patients rapidly, and starts the treatment speedily.

Our staffs are also well-trained to maintain and check the basics of the patients quickly. The nurses are also highly skilled and dedicated to provide the best nursing care to the patients. The beds we kept in our emergency ward are completely modernize and automatic with an emergency call bell so patients can easily call the nurse in a second by pressing it. If you are looking forward for a good hospital for your loved ones in emergency then you don’t have to look further Shri Ram hospital is the best option for you.