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ICU Facility

There are times when a critically injured patient is brought to the hospital. Needing immediate intensive medical attention, intensive care units are specifically designed to address the most fatal of conditions and illness. Critical care facility had to be the core unit of any leading multi speciality hospital.

Sri Ram hospital provides intensive care unit (ICU) comprising of specialised facility, intensive monitoring, complex respiratory support and nursing care. The patients that are admitted in the intensive care unit require constant around the clock care.

What makes us one of the best intensive care unit in Patna is that our ICU is staffed board certified specialists, professionally trained critical care nurses, physician assistant 24 hours. Our team is dedicated towards delivering quality clinical care and best ICU facility in Patna.

Facilities & Services

  • Critical care beds
  • Isolation cubicles
  • Critical Care Evaluation Personalised nursing care
  • Bedside ultrasound
  • Bedside Bronchoscopy
  • ECMO
  • Positive/ negative pressure air flow
  • Robust syst

Any patient who is severely ill or injured is appropriate for critical care. Some patients are required to be shifted in the ICU through the emergency department are provided the best ICU facility in Patna.

Some of them who went through invasive surgery and had the unplanned outcome of the surgery are required to be shifted to the critical care unit.

Accident injured people, the people with serious infection, who are having trouble breathing and required ventilator are assessed to need critical care.

Some more condition that requires critical care is:

  • Brain trauma
  • Blood infection
  • Heart problem
  • Lung problem
  • Serious accident injury
  • Drug-resistant infection
  • Serious burn patient

These facilities have advanced technology of highest of standards with uninterrupted nursing support. For surgeries, laser, endoscopy, trauma and any other operating room compliance, ceiling-mounted service ICU unit for best ICU care facility in Patna is available in the hospital.

Accessing the patient properly requires unhindered movement of the medical personnel which becomes easy with the paramount intensive care settings.

Quick action is a lifesaving step while tackling any type of emergency and trauma cases, overhead boom system plays a vital role in the quick accessibility is and easy relocation.

These facilities hold the competence of one of the best critical care hospital in Patna ensuring topmost patient care and safety. The allowance of easy bed rotation and free positioning incorporates optimum environment comprising the best intensive care unit in Patna.

Specialized ICU Facility in Patna

  • Cardiac critical care unit
  • Surgical intensive care unit
  • Respiratory care unit
  • Stroke & brain trauma unit
  • Medical intensive care unit

Intensive care unit available at Sri Ram hospital offers specialised facility dedicated to patients requiring serious nursing care, intensive monitoring and complex respiratory support. It is a Patna’s leading multi-speciality hospital and has the best ICU facility in Patna with 24 hours staff support.

Patients are monitored round the clock and are provided an infection safe environment through highly trained physician, sterile surrounding, respiratory therapists, counsellors, specialist nurses and experienced specialist are present on call to assist with any sort of emergency.

The state of art monitoring system provides top level of diagnostic screening. Patients are usually moved to the ICU from the emergency wards and are continuously monitored. Some of the critical care requiring conditions is:

  • Brain trauma
  • Organ failure
  • Blood infections
  • Heart complication
  • Lungs complication
  • Drug resistant infection

Sri Ram hospital leverages a vast medical expertise & technological advantages that has proven to consistently deliver top notch outcomes favourable for the patients. It has been a pioneer in bringing ground breaking healthcare facility to Patna. Critical care team is fully developed in complete spectrum including surgery & trauma, cardiac, neurology etc. With all the facilities and skilled specialist by its side, it is one of the best critical care hospital in Patna.