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Infants and babies are extremely vulnerable, hence require extraordinary medical care and attention throughout the development years. As the newborn undergoes several adjustments once they leave the mother’s womb, thus arising of some complications isn’t very rare.

We understand your newborn’s fragility can be intimidating and you want what’s best for your child. Sri Ram hospital is one of the best providers of NICU facility in Patna and is armed for any sort of complications. It is always considered a better option to get your kid delivered in the hospital where there is already a specialized NICU unit. In case if anything goes wrong moving the baby to a different hospital with NICU can be a risky move. If any complication arises, Sri Ram hospital is equipped with advanced technologies and is armed with well-trained professional doctors.

Every infant is different from the other. We have a team of great doctors who are well experienced and trained specialists to assess the symptoms and the physical health of the newborn child. There are various risks which increase the chances of being admitted to the NICU, those factors include:

  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Emergency Cesarean delivery
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Premature baby

Getting your child admitted to the hospital can be very intimidating so we are there to provide you the best NICU services in Patna. We have 3 different categories of NICU depending on the infant care required.