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Recovery Room

A recovery room is a place where patients are shifted after surgery to safely regain consciousness from anesthesia and receive post-operative care. Sri Ram Hospital provides one of the best hospital recovery rooms and healthcare facilities in Patna. Here recovery staffs give particular attention to the patient’s health condition. They help them to ease their anxiety and assure physical and emotional comfort.

The recovery room is also called the post-anesthesia care unit. Patients who had surgery requiring anesthesia are taken to the recovery room where their health conditions like blood pressure, temperature, and blood oxygen level are closely monitored.

The patients who have very low oxygen saturation level, supplemental oxygen are frequently administered by our doctors in the recovery room. The body temperature of the patients drops to several degrees during anesthesia. To prevent patients from hypothermia and encourage good blood circulation is also an important part of our recovery room care.

Allied health professionals monitor the patients continuously. The patients are covered with a warmed air blanket system and also receive heated intravenous fluid which ultimately brings body temperature back to normal.

Sri Ram Hospital Provides all these recovery room facilities to you. The time requires during recovery will be varied by surgical procedure. The post-operative condition is assessed by recovery room staff. The analgesic medication would be given for any pains or nausea and the doctor come to examine patients on regular basis.

Our hospital also provides a private recovery room which is large in space shared by many patients. To prevent the patients from infection, visitors are not allowed to meet them. When patient’s condition becomes normal, they will be shifted to our hospital’s general ward. We have already discussed so many things about the recovery room.

Sri Ram hospital provides you ample care even post-surgery with our extremely comfortable recovery room facilities in Patna. In order to have a smooth and relaxed recovery, Sri Ram hospital is the one-stop solution.